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Quote #32:

<~GamingG> I want to be at CentralChat
<~GamingG> that's where all the cool kids are at
<~GamingG> but you're not here
<~GamingG> though you're dear
<~GamingG> it makes me oh so sad
<~GamingG> that you can't be had
<~GamingG> please come with me to CentralChat
<~GamingG> I'll buy you a very nice hat
<~GamingG> it will look good on you
<NightKev> lol
<~GamingG> screw rhyming anymore
<~GamingG> <3
<NightKev> XD

Submitted on: 2008-05-19 02:53:02 GMT, by GamingG
Credited to: #spaghetti