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Quote #3:

12:33:08>> <+jargon_> scroll down to my post in
12:33:12>> <%Arbe> i did
12:33:15>> <+jargon_> hit KGO
12:33:21>> <%Arbe> i did.
12:33:24>> <%Arbe> i don't want it.
12:33:30>> <%Arbe> there's no point in it.
12:33:31>> <+jargon_> and now what is my screen name on there?
12:33:38>> <%Arbe> "anal catastrophy"
12:33:41>> <+jargon_> enter 1 for user id
12:33:46>> <+jargon_> then replace with THE MAN
12:33:51>> <+jargon_> you are now THE MAN
12:34:10>> <%Arbe> i think i'll change my name to that now anyway
12:34:19>> <+jargon_> the simple methods used in this script are the basis for the entire STARCRAFT game
12:34:53>> <+jargon_> :|
12:35:19>> <%Arbe> uh. i fail to see what you mean. that is catastrophically untrue.
12:36:15>> <+jargon_> do you realize it didn't just find where the username appears in the page based off user id
12:36:38>> <+jargon_> it also rewrote the damn html using existing html within the tag, it didn't just search replace
12:37:01>> <%Arbe> ah. of course. now i can see how this is the basis for the StarCraft engine.

Submitted on: 2008-04-02 11:40:03 GMT, by Arbe
Credited to: #conspiracy