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Quote #2:

<xpCynic> don't you two live in the same house though
<xpCynic> so shouldn't you obviously have the same IP
<Arbe> Internet = escape from social handcuffs
<Galahad> *sigh*
<xpCynic> Pach and Galahad
<Galahad> Yeah, I can throw a rock at his dor
<Galahad> *door
<Galahad> ?
<xpCynic> go punch him in the face
<xpCynic> right now
<xpCynic> Pachirsu: run
<Galahad> Why
<Arbe> ahahahahahaha
<Arbe> agames
<Arbe> *games
* xpCynic pops open the chips again
<Arbe> Galahad: for the sake of the internet
<Galahad> o
<Galahad> cool then
<Galahad> brb
<Arbe> xpCynic: I read that as "xpCynic poops out a chip again"
<xpCynic> then type on his computer and confuse us all
<xpCynic> it's going to be a FUN NIGHT

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