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Quote #42:

23:33 <marcan> ok, let's get me straight
23:33 <marcan> what do you want
23:34 <marcan> s/me/this/
23:38 <IMMa0> me? all i want i=s a a better world for all people
23:39 <marcan> great hacker sentence (hacker in the real meaning, not the one the media uses.)
23:39 <marcan> so now... since you think you're the 13373st d00d on the channel, please explain why
23:39 <marcan> since, you can't possibly know that without knowing anyone on the channel, can you?
23:40 <IMMa0> i dont give a shit
23:40 <IMMa0> end of line
23:40 <marcan> ok, so you want a better world for all people. but you don't give a shit.
23:40 <marcan> DOES NOT COMPUTE

Submitted on: 2008-09-09 14:45:51 GMT, by Gran PC
Credited to: Marcan