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Quote #35:

* xpCynic plays Sims 2
<Arbe> all i need to do to look like Arbe
<Arbe> is use
<Arbe> lik
<Arbe> like*
<Arbe> periods and stuff.
* Tyty (basurad00d@6D598EE2.D86535E5.613AD259.IP) has joined #thebard
* Arbe sets mode: +v Tyty
<Arbe> and type really fast.
<xpCynic> HA
<xpCynic> wait
<xpCynic> HI ULY
<Max> im so lasot rhight now
<Tyty> What did I miss?
<xpCynic> basurad00d@6D598EE2.D86535E5.613AD259.IP
<xpCynic> ;(
<Arbe> nice try.
<Arbe> :(
<Tyty> No, bad try
<Arbe> yeah that
<xpCynic> if you'd changed your name in your client
<xpCynic> it would've worked
<Tyty> I only wanted to make a quit very Arbe like
<Arbe> come on, you have to be able to pass as me D:
<Arbe> well i guess you sort of do.
<Arbe> but like
<Arbe> idk
* Tyty is now known as Uly
<xpCynic> guys
<xpCynic> my dwarfs are doing things
* Uly is now known as Manaphy
<xpCynic> there's blood
<Manaphy> lol.
<xpCynic> and my admins keep killing everyone
<Arbe> well ok i'll admit i was almost fooled
* Looking up Manaphy user info...
<Arbe> hey look guys
<Arbe> i'm going to go take a myspacey picture
<xpCynic> woah arbe is awesome
<Arbe> and
<Arbe> like
<Arbe> idk
<Arbe> my bff jill
<xpCynic> XD
<Manaphy> porn

Submitted on: 2008-05-27 11:11:38 GMT, by xpCynic (Arbe)
Credited to: Arbe (xpCynic)