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Quote #30:

* Joins: Sanya (www@5EA7B63C.815D12EE.AC3EC7A.IP)
* xpCynic sets mode: +v Sanya
<+Sanya> !
<&Pachirisu> .
<~xpCynic> let me just find a font that can render that properly
<+Sanya> YOU PIG?
<&GamingG> works just fine for me
<+Sanya> FUCK
<&GamingG> no thanks
<&GamingG> thanks for the offer, though
<+Sanya> XA XA
<+Sanya> I NID HELP
<&GamingG> with?
<~xpCynic> well there we go
<~xpCynic> but what's it mean
<+Sanya> LANGVIG
<+Sanya> I'AM RASSIA
<&GamingG> I see
<~xpCynic> i miss Indonesia
<&GamingG> XD
<+Sanya> its europa?
<&GamingG> Sanya, what languages do you know?
<+Sanya> yaaa? ok
<~xpCynic> Russian, you say
<+Sanya> GamingG, in scool 1-2 eyrs
<&GamingG> English?
<+Sanya> iam biker
<&GamingG> motocross?
<+Sanya> honda CB100sf -good!
<+Sanya> CB1000sf
<&GamingG> honda makes bicycles?
<&GamingG> XD
<&GamingG> guys, I'm lol'ing over here
<+Sanya> fuck
<&GamingG> no
<+Sanya> no?
<&GamingG> no, no?
<+Sanya> :)
<&GamingG> :P
<+Sanya> e e
<&GamingG> Sanya, hablas espaol?
<+Sanya> what?
<~xpCynic> sprechen Sie Deutsch
<+Sanya> no
<~xpCynic> well damn
<&GamingG> do you know any languages except English and Russian?
<~xpCynic> i don't know any Russian
<+Sanya> Russian
<&GamingG> LOL :)
<+Sanya> small English
<&GamingG> well, we will try to talk to you in English, but we do not know Russian
<&GamingG> no Russian :(
<+Sanya> you LOL
<+Sanya> ok
<&GamingG> my name is Joshua
<&GamingG> you can call me GamingG
<+Sanya> my name is Alexsandr
<&GamingG> that is a nice name :)
<+Sanya> a'm achitect
<&GamingG> how old are you?
<+Sanya> mmmm
<&GamingG> over 9000?
<+Sanya> 1000
<~xpCynic> oh there
<~xpCynic> now it shows properly
<~xpCynic> Cyrillic
<+Sanya> cool!
<&GamingG> Sanya, do you like to talk on forums?
<+Sanya> eeee
<+Sanya> like like
<&GamingG> these: or
<~xpCynic> going to take a stab at this
<&GamingG> maybe there is one out there for Russians learning English, so you could get help and learn faster! :D
<~xpCynic> ??
<~xpCynic> ???
<~xpCynic> well darn
<&GamingG> what'd you say about my mom?
* &GamingG slaps xpCynic around a bit with a large trout
<~xpCynic> oh did it show properly
<~xpCynic> i see ?? ???
<&GamingG> me too
<~xpCynic> darn it Google Translate
<+Sanya> VODKA
<~xpCynic> ??????
<~xpCynic> arg
<+Sanya> ahd BEAR
<+Sanya> and
<~xpCynic> caome on dangit
<~xpCynic> ??????
<~xpCynic> dkfhasdfasdf
<&Pachirisu> ( * -*)
<&GamingG> Sanya, do you know about Dan Balan?
<+Sanya> no
<~xpCynic> oh god what
<&GamingG> this song is in Russian:
<~xpCynic> MAIA HIII
<~xpCynic> MAIA HOOO
<~xpCynic> etc.
<+Sanya> no
<+Sanya> this popular group in russia/
<&GamingG> no, xpCynic, Dragostea Din Tei is Romanian, and that beginning part is GIBBERISH
<~xpCynic> ah right
<~xpCynic> i still liked the original better
<&GamingG> Vorbiti romaneste?
<&GamingG> Sanya, this song is cool
<&GamingG> I have no idea what they are saying, but it sounds cool :)
<+Sanya> he say about love, obout life
<&GamingG> I see
* Joins: jargon (
* xpCynic sets mode: +v jargon
<+Sanya> sorry, a want slipping and go to the bad, now 00:25pm? bay, bay! good bay!

Submitted on: 2008-05-17 20:37:56 GMT, by GamingG
Credited to: #thebard