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Quote #20:

<jargon> where the fuck is Arbe?
<xpCynic> died
<xpCynic> sorry D:
<jargon> where the fuck is Arbe?
<Tyty210> No clue.
<xpCynic> <xpCynic> died
<xpCynic> <xpCynic> sorry D:
<Tyty210> Oh.
<Captain_N> Hey Jargon.
<Tyty210> Well, there you go.
<jargon> where THE FUCK is Arbe?
* jargon was kicked by xpCynic (DIED, SORRY D8)

Submitted on: 2008-04-14 04:12:08 GMT, by xpCynic
Credited to: #conspiracy