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Quote #15:

<+jargon> i had even imported Uly'
<+jargon> i had even imported Uly's gfx
<+jargon> as script
<&GamingG> you imported Uly
<@Arbe> hax.
<&GamingG> hmm
<&GamingG> so he's in the US now?
<%Tyty210> XD
<+jargon> :P
<&GamingG> I've heard of illegal immigration
<&GamingG> especially from Mexico
<&GamingG> but...
<&GamingG> imported?
<~DSMagnum> lol
<&GamingG> like, shipped as cargo?
<~DSMagnum> they import europeans
<~DSMagnum> and have them sex for moniez
<&GamingG> that's illegal, too

Submitted on: 2008-04-10 01:53:44 GMT, by GamingG
Credited to: #conspiracy