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Quote #11:

<Tyty210> HAhahaha, Ty fell asleep, this is his friend. :P
<Boing> k
<Manaphy> hello Tyty210's friend
<Tyty210> Wassup
<Boing> if Tyler is still a sleep
<Tyty210> ?*
<Boing> drop kick him in the face
<Manaphy> no better
<Tyty210> Lawl.
<Manaphy> do the classic college gag
<Manaphy> put a ton of activated shaving cream in his hand
<Tyty210> Can't.
<Manaphy> then tickle him on the face until he slaps himself with it
<Manaphy> aww
<Tyty210> No joke, but he has his arms crossed.
<Tyty210> OH SHIT!
<Tyty210> HE IS AWAKE!
<Boing> then do what I said
<Boing> oh shit fuck
<Tyty210> ....
<Manaphy> which tyty is this
<Tyty210> Jerks
<Manaphy> lol
<Boing> lmao

Submitted on: 2008-04-05 16:03:01 GMT, by Boing
Credited to: #conspiracy